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Starting a club

Setting up a new club can be quite a challenge. The ORSR recommends the following process for sport and active recreation clubs within South Australia.

  1. Collect as much information from the relevant state body. A list of contacts can be found here. It is critical clubs operate in line with the regulations of their National and State bodies from the outset. (i.e. AFL > SANFL)
  2. Register with the free online STARCLUB program.
    • STARCLUB is the ORSR vision of how a good SA club should operate and present itself to the wider community. Any club is welcome to join over 2000 registered STARCLUB organisations currently working on meeting the 25 STARCLUB criteria.
    • The ORSR encourages clubs to understand and work towards completing the 25 STARCLUB items if they have ambitions for long time viability and success on and off the field.
  3. Share the workload from the start by allocating each section to a different committee member. This can help people stay fresh and enjoy the process of building up a club from the outset.
  4. The ‘Well Managed’ section of STARCLUB covers important information about incorporation, constitutions and strategic documents - the essential building blocks for any successful club.
    • Constitution templates and Guiding Notes are provided on the ORSR website
    • Decide if the club will be incorporated after reading this information on the Consumer and Business Services website.
  5. Prioritise and plan to achieve the mandatory STARCLUB criteria as soon as possible. (Questions # 2, 11, 16 & 21).
  6. Whilst not compulsory for STARCLUBS, read over the ‘Sustainability’ section (Part 6) information on managing club’s utilities better and the essentials of good Financial Management.
  7. When using the STARCLUB tool answering ‘No’ to any question links to the information needed to understand and tick off that item. Numerous templates, policies, courses and resources are directly linked to in the STARCLUB tool.
  8. There is no time limit to achieve any stage of the STARCLUB program. Clubs can log on and off at any stage while saving information as they progress.

Other Resources

Many interstate organisations (albeit with different legislative requirements) provide excellent generic club resources so clubs do not waste time and energy ‘reinventing the wheel’

Good luck and please contact the ORSR if you have any feedback or further questions.

Phone: 1300 714 990
Email: starclub@sa.gov.au
Website: www.ors.sa.gov.au
Postal: PO Box 219
Brooklyn Park SA 5032