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Sport integrity

Sport plays an important role in the community. Confidence in the integrity of sport must be maintained to ensure the recognised health, wellbeing, safety and social benefits continue to be enjoyed by the public.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing recognises it must provide leadership to promote that the integrity of sport is maintained.

Sport integrity issues include, but are not limited to:

  • match fixing and other unethical determination of outcomes
  • illegitimate performance enhancement
  • illicit drug use and off-field misconduct
  • regulation and advertising of sports gambling
  • bullying/harassment and sports associated violence
  • perceived or possible conflicts of interest, which may harm the reputation or standing of a sport or an event
  • association with or involvement in sports by criminal groups or individuals
  • policies for participant welfare, such as concussion or over-use standards.

South Australian Sport Integrity Network

To protect the integrity of sport in South Australia, a South Australian Sport Integrity Network (SASIN) has been established to be the primary vehicle for South Australian sporting organisations to discuss and coordinate responses to sport integrity issues.


Australia's Sports Ministers endorsed a National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport in 2011, that aims to protect the integrity of Australian sport.

Visit the Australian Sports Commission's website for tools assist clubs and associations to comply with the requirements of the National Policy on Match-fixing in Sport

Drugs in Sport

Education is the key in helping athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and the community understand issues surrounding the use of performance and image enhancing and illicit drug use in sport.

The South Australian Sports Medicine Association currently offers Drugs in Sport education for athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and community sporting clubs.

Further Information

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