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The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing through the Community Participation branch works with State Sporting Organisations and various government and non government agencies to support the development of women in sport.

Projects and Programs

Board Diversity SA State Sporting Organisations

There is strong evidence that diversity on boards leads to better corporate performance. Diversity is good for business. It is no longer a question of ‘why’ but ‘how’ and 'when'. The gender diversity metrics of state sporting organisations in South Australia are being made public and will be updated annually on the ORS wesite.

See how your sport rates PDF, 429.98 KB

How does your club board/committee compare?  Let us know by completing the poll #watchthewomen.

Sport and Women Wikipedia Project

In support of South Australia's women's sport, and the sportswomen who have lead by example, we've supported capturing the history of their rich and outstanding achievements through a digital footprint. This has involved:

  • searching and linking existing Wikipedia profiles to the 'SA Women's Sport Stars List' Wikipedia page
  • researching and creating 21 individual biography Wikipedia pages representative of significant sports women across a range or eras in sport in South Australia
  • listing them at the South Australian women in sport Wikipedia page

Women's Sport Network

The Women's Sport Network aims to raise the profile of women, in all aspects of sport, in South Australia. The network is open to both males and females to work to further the development of women in sport, and women's sport.

To subscribe to the Women's Sport Network please email ORSR.Enquiries@sa.gov.au

Words into Sporting Action

Download Words into Sporting Action PDF, 625.33 KB

Mentoring Program

Guidelines for Mentors PDF, 594.05 KB

Mentee Guidelines 2018 with Profiles PDF, 672.45 KB


Premier's Women's Directory

The Premier's Women's Directory is an online database of women wanting to serve on boards and committees. It includes the details of women with a diverse range of backgrounds, experience and interests and is maintained and updated by the Office for Women.

Australian Sports Commission

The Australian Sports Commission website offers information on women in sport.

Words into Sporting Action

Download Words into Sporting Action PDF, 625.33 KB