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State Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Plan

Infrastructure Plan

The purpose of the Plan is to support sport and recreation from the grassroots to the elite level by ensuring that the facilities required to achieve this are available to all South Australians. We want to develop facilities of the future that fill current gaps, are accessible, and encourage all South Australians to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

The Plan represents the state’s sport and recreation infrastructure priorities at this point in time, however the document will be nimble and allow for an ongoing pipeline of projects to be developed. The focus of the future is for well-planned, strategic projects that deliver economic, health and tourism benefits for all within the community.

The Plan provides a strategic response to the funding and provision of sport and recreation facilities and feeds into the 20 Year State Infrastructure Plan developed by Infrastructure SA to assist the South Australian Government to plan, identify and prioritise major infrastructure across the State.

We will be continuing to collect information of projects over $2 million with information on these submissions provided to relevant stakeholders.

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Phase 1 - Current State (Gap and Issues Identification)

This involved extensive data collection and consultation with our stakeholders.


  • Current number and type of facilities including sport, recreation and parks and reserves (over 5 hectares).
  • Proposed facilities over $2 million in value in the pipeline for the development in the next 20 years.
  • Local government workshop.

Sport and Recreation Organisations:

  • Proposed facilities over $2 million in value in the pipeline for development in the next 20 years.
  • Request for participation data to highlight demand.
  • Survey regarding events and facility capability and capacity.


  • YourSAy survey with over 2,000 responses.
  • 34 consultation sessions held across the state.
  • Online engagement and feedback.


  • Cross department meetings and working group sessions conducted.
  • Collaboration with Infrastructure SA.

Phase 2 - Findings and Collaboration

The focus of this stage was to review the information and data collated during Phase 1 and cleanse it for further analysis. This was carried out using the following methods:

  • Data was filtered for various scenarios and participation data considered in more detail.
  • Consideration of information sourced in YourSAy survey and statewide consultation against facility data collected.
  • Further collaboration with Infrastructure SA.
  • Testing of 'near ready projects' against relevant criteria.
  • Consideration of sport and recreation events now and in to the future across all levels of infrastructure provision.

Phase 3 - Release and Implementation

Following an extensive process, the following outcomes of the consultation and plan include:

  • An investment assessment framework has been developed which facilities will be assessed against:

    Infrastructure Plan Framework
  • Development of an ROI process will ensure ongoing data collection and pipeline of projects.
  • A list of proposed projects will be kept on the website to inform the industry and stakeholders – this will support better collaboration and outcomes for the sector in the development and upgrade of facilities.

How to Include Your Project in the Plan

We are continuing to collect proposed projects for sport and recreation that are greater than $2 million in value through a Registration of Interest (ROI) process.

Registration of Interest

Helping You Plan

We have developed a number of supporting resources that can help you and your organisation in considering a new facility, planning of a new facility and management of a new facility:

Contact Us

For any further assistance, contact the team via email SARecSportInfrastructurePlan@sa.gov.au