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Grants Review


The Government of South Australia and the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing recognises and values the important role that a strong and independent industry plays in creating active communities and improving the lives of South Australians.

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing administers a number of grants and grant programs to sport and active recreation organisations, councils, educational institutions, not-for-profit organisations, for-profit organisations, and individuals (e.g. athletes).

Extensive reviews of our grant programs and systems occur once every eight to ten years. These reviews are conducted to ensure South Australians are receiving efficient, effective, economical and ethical funding decisions designed to achieve value, accountability, probity and transparency. Reviews also look forward and consider the future needs of the industry and the priorities of Government.

We have listened, we have adjusted and the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing 2020 Grants Review has now been released.

This review details the high-level process, adopted recommendations, as well as the grant programs and funding levels for the next five years.

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Information Session

For more information about the Grants Review, view the information session recording below.


Q: Why have the ORSR Grants Programs changed?

A: ORSR reviews the grants programs about every 10 years to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the government, stakeholders and the community.  As part of the most recent review, ORSR consulted broadly, assessed purpose and achievements through ORSR funding and recommended changes to the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing with the aim of improving outcomes for the future.

Q: Why the focus on Game On?

A: Data gathered as part of the Grants Review indicates that numbers of people, particularly young people who meet the National Physical Activity Guidelines is alarmingly low.  While funding over the last 10 years seems to have hit the mark in many ways, it’s clear that we need to do things differently if we want to get people active more often.  Game On provides a vehicle for the sector to think more broadly and work in partnership to address current gaps or opportunities for innovation.

Q: When will the changes resulting from the review start?

A: Some changes have already been implemented with the amalgamation of the application process for all infrastructure grants.  There is also a new Partnerships Program which focuses on Game On and Performance Pathway programs/projects. Some activities previously funded through grants will now be negotiated directly for outcomes such as VACSWIM and Regional Support.

Q:  What happens with our Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program funding now?

A:  The funding under this program has been rebadged as the State Sector Program. For 2021-2022 nothing will change in terms of the amount of funding available to you.  What will change is that we can no longer fund organisations operating under Unitary or One Management structures for sustainability unless they can prove that they have full control of both strategic and financial management for South Australia. During early 2021 we will plan for the next 3 year cycle of the State Sector Program.

Q: What is meant by full control of both strategic and financial management for South Australia?

A: State Associations must be able to demonstrate that the state governing body has total autonomy in relation to the formulation of strategy, setting of business priorities for the organisation and for the allocation and management of resources (financial and non-financial). Organisations where the governing body has an advisory role on these matters will be deemed ineligible.

Q: What will happen now for those organisations operating under Unitary or One Management structures for the transition year?

A: For those now operating under Unitary or One Management Structures, we will contact you in the first quarter of 2021 to negotiate a specific project related to the Game On strategy to be undertaken using your 2021-2022 funding  (equivalent to the value of your 2020-2021 Sport and Recreation Sustainability Program funding).

Q: Can organisations operating under Unitary or One Management structures apply for other ORSR funding?

A: Yes.  All other programs are accessible provided organisations meet eligibility criteria.  If they don’t, there may be opportunities to partner with other organisations to achieve the outcomes you are aiming for.

Q:  The Review says that our State Sector funding will be based on turnover.  What do you mean by this?

A: ORSR will use turnover averaged over 3 years minus government grants to establish the level of financial support provided under this program.  Organisations with a turnover greater than $5 million averaged over 3 years (minus government grants) are deemed to be sustainable and therefore not in need of sector support funding.

Q: Can clubs still apply for grants under the Active Club Program?

A: Yes but only for programs and equipment.  All facility developments or upgrades are now funded under the Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program (CRSFP).

Q:  Can Peak Organisations lead Partnership Programs?

A: Yes.  Any eligible organisation can take the lead on a Partnership Program proposal.

Q: What is the purpose of the Registration of Interest processes for both the Infrastructure and Partnership programs?

A: By sharing ideas organisations will be able to identify where they can partner with others to broaden the scope, reach and impact of projects.  ORSR and the government are looking for projects that will have rapid and sustainable impact.

Statewide Consultation

As part of the 2020 review, the Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing actively sought community input to inform the Game On, Getting South Australia Active; the South Australian Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Plan; and the Grants Review.

The below Consultation Discussion Paper was presented to all participants.

34 Statewide consultation workshops were held throughout South Australia over a 10 week period. 25 written submissions, 412 facebook posts, 150 online feedback forms. Feedback received from 54 of the 68 Councils, 56 state sporting and recreations organisations, industry bodies and support organisations and 229 community clubs and groups.

Below is the final and the executive summary for the Grants Review.

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