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The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing is currently working on updating the resources on this page. To access unlinked documents and discuss the update timeframe please phone 1300 714 990.

Active Lives

The Active Lives study found that South Australians who accumulated the 150+ minutes of physical activity per week:

  • Reported better overall health
  • Required fewer health services
  • Enjoyed better mental health
  • Maintained stronger social connections and
  • Have greater self efficacy

…compared to those South Australians who did a little or no physical activity.

Active Lives Highlights
Active Lives Main Report (September 2019) PDF, 667.01 KB
Active Lives – addendum to the main report (September 2019) PDF, 384.77 KB
Active Lives - South Australia Health Economic Analysis (2020)

Child Safe Environments

Keeping Children Safe in Recreation and Sport PDF, 9770.88 KB
Recording Complaints and Incidents PDF, 27.01 KB

Coaching Tips from the Essentials for Coaching Children course

Coaching Tips 1 PDF, 159.62 KB
Coaching Tips 2 PDF, 117.28 KB
Coaching Tips 3 PDF, 219.45 KB
Coaching Tips  4 PDF, 117.7 KB
Coaching Tips 5 PDF, 121.8 KB
Coaching Tips 6 PDF, 126.01 KB
Coaching Tips 7 PDF, 119.53 KB
Training Sessions Template PDF, 38.19 KB
ECC Video Notes  PDF, 2005.85 KB

Club Management

Strategic Planning – A Guide for Recreation and Sport Organisations PDF, 175.64 KB
Working with Local Government PDF, 2009.88 KB
Working with Clubs booklet PDF, 817.84 KB
How to Incorporate Fact Sheet PDF, 203.05 KB

Facebook and Website Policies

ORS Facebook Page Information PDF, 185.88 KB


Governance Principles for SA Sport PDF, 1083.8 KB
So you want to be a Committee Member PDF, 182.77 KB
So you want to be a Board Director PDF, 181.96 KB
Board Director Induction Pack PDF, 1833.1 KB
Committee Member Induction Pack PDF, 967.95 KB
Board Diversity SA State Sporting Organisations  PDF, 429.98 KB

Physical Activity Guidelines

24-Hour Movement Guidelines for 5-17y.o. – Fact Sheet
24-Hour Movement Guidelines for 5-17y.o. – Tips for parents and carers
24-Hour Movement Guidelines for 5-17y.o. – A3 Poster


Community Gym Guide PDF, 4351.51 KB

Guidelines / Templates

Targeting Mature Age Participants PDF, 1056.51 KB
Sports Medicine Australia's Hot Weather Guidelines
Club Member Protection Policy template DOC, 544 KB
Member Protection Policy Template for SA State Sporting Organisations


Snapshots from 2010/11 - Another Year of Building Active, Healthy Communities PDF, 909.36 KB
Snapshots from 2011/12 - Enriching Lives Through Active Recreation and Sport PDF, 2032.78 KB

Participation Research

Trends in Recreation and Sport (2001-2010) PDF, 1509.95 KB

Position Statements

Smoke Free PDF, 25.48 KB
Recreation  PDF, 255.35 KB