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Game On

Game On - getting South Australia moving


The South Australian Government has invested in Game On: Getting South Australia moving (Game On), a forward-looking framework that outlines a collaborative approach to ensure physical activity and play can fit seamlessly into the daily lives of South Australians. Game On also seeks to provide a shared vision and common platform for the sport and recreation sector in South Australia.

Through better coordination between whole-of-government and sectors that play an enabling role in physical activity, Game On will reverse the levels of poor physical activity and increase movement opportunities across the state, leading to stronger outcomes in community wellbeing, liveability and economic productivity.

Game On will:

  • Be innovative and change the mindset of South Australians by investing in areas that guarantee physical activity to work around people’s lives.
  • Build system resilience and capacity, connecting investment in infrastructure, high performance, and events.
  • Improve the use of research and technology.
  • Adapt and evolve sport and recreation programs, services, and approaches, placing additional focus on active recreation that provides everyone with an opportunity to participate.
  • Develop ‘family-friendly’ fixturing across sports and alternative club structures to better harness available volunteers.
  • Design and develop adequate public open spaces.
  • Meet community demand to allow people increased hours to participate in activity safely.

The recommendations within Game On will contribute to getting more people active, more often by making it easier to get moving.

Game On Media Release

Game On Report

The Game On report was finalised in mid-2020 and provides;

  • an overview of how Game On was undertaken;
  • a summary of the benefits, and key trends relevant to recreation, sport and physical activity;
  • highlights the key issues and outcomes identified through an extensive consultation process;
  • the visions and desired outcomes for each of the eight prioritised issues;
  • a series of recommended actions designed for all stakeholders to apply to their own forward planning; and
  • a guide for future planning and investment by all stakeholders to create the environments and opportunities for a more active SA.

Game On will be activated across the Government of South Australia by maximising departmental synergies in alignment with the plan’s recommendations.

It is important to note that there are a number of organisations, businesses and groups that also have responsibilities in these listed areas. Partnerships between the Government and non-Government sector will ensure the Game On outcomes are met.

View Game On Report

Consultation - Phase One

To achieve the Game On project objectives, ORSR worked closely with an independent provider, Urban & Regional Planning Solutions (URPS), to undertake a comprehensive ten-week statewide consultation process from June to August 2019.

ORSR actively sought deeper collaboration with the community and its stakeholders on the Game On project. Two other key projects which were identified as key priorities for the 2017-2021 Strategic Plan cycle;

These three projects were consulted on collectively, as they were closely aligned and will deliver outcomes that address the whole of government and Agency objectives.

The statewide consultation process sought to gather input regarding how South Australia can be an Active State by:

  • Identifying key challenges and issues for participants in and providers of sport and recreation.
  • Understanding how these issues impact on participation, sustainability and professionalism of the sector.
  • Understanding the goals of the stakeholders and exploring the barriers and drivers related to the achievement of those goals.

The Phase One consultation process was designed to ensure the engagement captured community views from right across South Australia and from a variety of perspectives.

The consultation was undertaken through survey results, written submissions, interviews and 34 interactive workshops and forums held across the state. The aim was to gather as much input as possible to ensure the community could contribute to the project and influence how South Australia becomes an Active State.

It was abundantly clear throughout the Phase One consultation that:

  • There is a need and desire for people to be more active, more of the time. In particular, people wanted more opportunities in be active in their daily lives and in their local communities.
  • South Australians are passionate about their clubs and groups and committed to being able to provide participation opportunities for all ages, abilities, genders, cultural backgrounds and financial means.
  • The Sport and Recreation sector is dedicated to delivering quality outcomes and all value the vital contribution sport and recreation makes to South Australia.
  • There is a real desire for the sport, recreation and racing sector to work better together and improve the delivery of infrastructure, sports, programs and activities that ensure our community is active in the future.

Visit the Statewide Consultation page or review the Statewide Consultation Final Report for more information about the Statewide Consultation.

Consultation - Phase Two

The Office for Recreation, Sport and Racing engaged KPMG to support the development of Game On Phase Two to;

  • Understand the findings from Phase One
  • Work with the Expert Panel to identify the issues
  • Facilitated further in-depth consultation
  • Documented the findings
  • Provided key recommendations for ORSR to consider for the Game On implementation.

Phase Two was broken up into four streams of consultation.

  1. Interjurisdictional consultations

    Interjurisdictional consultations were held with eight state and territory departments of sport and recreation, national departments and other agencies which play a key role in getting people active:

    The consultation with these departments highlighted consistency across all jurisdictions in relation to the eight Game On issues.

  2. Interdepartmental consultations

    Targeted consultations with senior representatives from SA Government Agencies were undertaken to understand the role each Agency has in contributing to an Active State, and to understand opportunities for collaboration to address the Game On issues.

  3. Deep Dives

    Eight interactive ‘Deep Dive’ workshops with 107 targeted representatives from a diversity of stakeholder groups were held to understand what the sector’s vision and solutions are to addressing the eight Game On issues.

    The workshops used design thinking techniques to generate a Vision Statement and a long-list of potential solutions for the issues. Participants then identified solutions “most likely to succeed” and “most likely to solve the issue”.

    170 different solutions were developed and explored in detail. The Vision Statement and possible solutions were then refined by the Expert Panel. The solutions were also tested by the general public through online engagement.

  4. Online engagement

    Online engagement with the broader public through the SA Governments YourSAy website, featured two discussion questions and a survey. The aim of YourSAy was to understand the public’s views of the possible solutions to overcoming the issues.

    Across the YourSAy survey and discussion questions, some clear trends emerged.

Game On Priority Issues

Following the Phase One consultation, an expert panel was tasked with prioritising eight issues and providing a corresponding opportunity for each issue. All issues seek to engage both inactive and active South Australians in more physical activity.

The Game On issues can be spilt into two distinct categories:

  • Lifestyle, environment and cultural norms to support South Australians to adopt more active lifestyles.
  • Sport and recreation specific issues that ensure offerings meet the needs of South Australians and are sustainable and accessible into the future.

Lifestyle, environment and cultural related issues and outcomes:



Being time poor and having competing priorities


Quality and accessibility of public open space


Enabling places for active transport


A lack of physical literacy is leading to inactive children and youth.


Lifelong physical activity

High quality and accessible public open spaces for active recreation

Growth in active transport

Active young people with good coordination and strong fundamental movement skills

Sport and recreation specific issues and outcomes:



Cost of participating in sport and recreation


Cost of delivery in sport and recreation


Attracting, recruiting, training and retaining volunteers


The lack of and maintenance of facilities  


Affordable sport and recreation opportunities

Sustainable sport and recreation sector

More and better trained volunteers

High quality, inclusive and accessible sport and recreation infrastructure

In addition to the eight priority Game On issues, four key principles were identified during the consultation and considered to be important to the decision-making process when thinking about how to invest in sport and active recreation. These key principles were chosen to underpin the implementation of Game On.



Funding and Resources


Game On Action Tracker

Game On is a long term agenda that will require collaboration, partnerships and coordination across government and across the sector. To achieve the vision of Game On: Getting South Australia moving, it will be necessary for all stakeholders to engage with and understand the issues.

Game On has been developed with the full recognition that stakeholders are at different starting points in their efforts to increase physical activity and that the priorities and capabilities of each stakeholder group vary. The feasibility of different initiatives and the speed of implementation will vary according to each stakeholder.

A detailed Action Tracker will be developed to support stakeholders to meet the recommended actions of Game On. The Action Tracker also includes the acknowledgement that investment will be required to address the recommended actions.

Expert Panel

An Expert Panel was appointed by invitation from the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing to contribute to the development of Game On.

The Expert Panel comprised of seven SA leaders in their fields of sport, technology and innovation, academia, media and government.

Amanda Vanstone – Chair
Senator from 1984 to 2007, Former Australian Ambassador to Italy, Port Adelaide Football Club Board Member

Paul Di Iulio
Chief Executive Officer, Campbelltown City Council, Board Member at SYC (housing, education and employment), Expertise: Local Government

Timothy Olds
Professor, Alliance for Research in Exercise Nutrition and Activity, Sansom Institute, School of Health Sciences, University of South Australia, Expertise: Research and health

Mark Bickley
FIVEaa, Expertise: Sports

Leeanne Grantham
Commonwealth Games Australia Board Member, Board Director Netball SA
Former CEO at 36ers, CEO WNBL, CEO Events SA and Head of Women’s Football at FFA, Former Australian representative Basketball player. Expertise: Sports (particularly women in sport)

Kylie Taylor
Former Australian lacrosse player and national league basketballer, Chief Executive, Office for Recreation Sport and Racing

Anton Andreacchio
Founder & Managing Director at Convergen and Jumpgate VR, South Australian Entrepreneurship Advisory Board, Adelaide Film Festival Board, Expertise: Technology

The Expert Panel;

  • Contributed to the development of the Phase Two engagement plan.
  • Offered additional insights and contributions to the project with specific reference to areas of expertise.
  • Provided expert advice for consideration and implementation of the project.
  • Provided advocacy of the Game On project to the South Australian community.
  • Endorsed the final Game On report for the consideration of the Minister for Recreation, Sport and Racing.

Game On Expert Panel

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