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Volunteers are the lifeblood of every sporting club and if you can master how to find, keep and back your volunteers, you'll be well on the way to growing your club and ensuring long-term success.

V-Star Find them

V-STAR is a free, easy to use, one-stop-shop web tool to help sport and recreation clubs better manage their volunteers, and supports the STARCLUB program.

You can:

  • Take a short quiz to see how your club is travelling with volunteers
  • work through bite-size pieces of helpful hints
  • create an action plan, tick and flick ideas to it
  • log in to save and share your quiz and action plan with other committee/club members
  • download customisable templates
  • get ready to find, keep and back your volunteers.  

Go to V-STAR to get started.

How to become a volunteer

  1. Contact your local club and offer your services.
  2. Contact a State Sporting or Recreation Association that interests you and ask them if there are any volunteering opportunities available.
  3. Visit some other volunteer websites for opportunities

For further information on any of the above or for general enquiries, contact the State Coaching and Officiating Centre on or 1300 714 990.