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About SA Women in Sport

Our vision is:
Women and girls have equitable access in sport

Our aims are:

  • Improve gender equality
  • Change the face of sport leadership
  • Increase spectators for women’s sport
  • Attract women’s sporting events to South Australia
  • Broadly align sport strategy and diplomacy with cultural events

We are inviting everyone who supports the vision and aims of the SA Women in Sport Taskforce to make a  commitment to champion equitable access in sport.

You can sign up to the commitment here.

We are also inviting people to share stories about recognising, including and/or promoting the contribution of women at all levels and in all aspects of sport.

Submit your story here

Read others' stories here

Plan of Action

The Women in Sport Taskforce Action Plan is regularly updated and can be accessed here:

SA Women in Sport Taskforce Plan of Action (PDF, 6629 KB)

SA Women in Sport Taskforce Members

Paul Cenko Partner Audit and Assurance, KPMG

Kylie Taylor General Manager, Office for Recreation and Sport

Ali Clarke (891 ABC Adelaide)

Professor Murray Drummond SHAPE Research Centre

Fiona Mort Director, Office for Women

Jess Trengove Athlete

Clare Harris Chief Executive Officer, Surf Life Saving SA

Jake Parkinson Chief Executive Officer, SANFL

Michael Carter Chief Executive Officer FFSA

DR Nikki Vincent, Commissioner for Equal Opportunity


Board Metrics - May 2017 (PDF, 451 KB)

A guide to reducing unconscious bias in the workplace. Beyond First Impressions aims to help organisations recognise and understand their biases. It provides tools to ensure that systems and processes are free from bias, in turn supporting organisations to ensure greater gender equality within their workplace. http://www.eoc.sa.gov.au/eo-business/chiefs-gender-equity/beyond-first-impressions-reducing-unconscious-bias-workplace

Commit to change

This section will be updated regularly to show the number and profile of South Australians who support the vision and aims of the SA Women in Sport Taskforce and have made a commitment to champion equitable access in sport.

You can sign up to the commitment here

Contact Us

To contact SA Women in Sport, please email womeninsport@sa.gov.au