Child Safe Environments

Keeping Children Safe in Recreation and Sport (PDF, 620 KB)
Keep Sport Fun and Safe
Recording Complaints and Incidents (PDF, 27 KB)
Standards for dealing with information obtained about the criminal history of employees and volunteers who work with children (PDF, 447 KB)
Create a Child Safe Fact Sheet (PDF, 1121 KB)
Relevant History Assessment Fact sheet (PDF, 1104 KB)
Child Abuse Allegations Guidelines  (PDF, 224 KB)

Coaching Tips from the Essentials for Coaching Children course

Coaching Tips 1  (PDF, 160 KB)
Coaching Tips 2 (PDF, 117 KB)
Coaching Tips 3 (PDF, 107 KB)
Coaching Tips  4 (PDF, 118 KB)
Coaching Tips 5 (PDF, 122 KB)
Coaching Tips 6 (PDF, 126 KB)
Coaching Tips 7 (PDF, 120 KB)
Training Sessions Template (PDF, 38 KB)
ECC Video Notes (PDF, 2006 KB) 

Club Management

Strategic Planning for Recreation and Sport (PDF, 114 KB)
Working with Local Government (PDF, 2010 KB)
Working with Clubs booklet (PDF, 818 KB)
How to Incorporate Fact Sheet (PDF, 203 KB)
Risk Management Resource for Recreation and Sport Organisations (PDF, 1985 KB)

Facebook Policies

ORS Facebook Page Information (PDF, 186 KB)
Office for Recreation & Sport Facebook Competition  - Adelaide Strikers Tickets - 13 Jan 2016


Governance Principles for SA Sport (PDF, 1084 KB)
So you want to be a Committee Member (PDF, 248 KB)
So you want to be a Board Director (PDF, 177 KB)
Board Director Induction Pack (PDF, 1833 KB)
Committee Member Induction Pack (PDF, 968 KB)
Board Diversity SA State Sporting Organisations  (PDF, 118 KB)


Community Gym Guide (PDF, 4352 KB)

Guidelines / Templates

Targeting Mature Age Participants (PDF, 1057 KB)
Sports Medicine Australia's Hot Weather Guidelines
Member Protection Policy template for State Sporting Organisations (DOC, 806 KB)
Member Protection Policy template for Clubs (DOC, 799 KB)
Disability Discrimination Policy Template


Snapshots from 2010/11 - Another Year of Building Active, Healthy Communities (PDF, 909 KB)
Snapshots from 2011/12 - Enriching Lives Through Active Recreation and Sport (PDF, 2033 KB)

Position Statements

Smoke Free (PDF, 25 KB)